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Hanging On By A Cloud


The world watched as unprecedented destruction caused by huge hurricanes decimated homes and offices across the Caribbean and up into Florida in September. This followed record rainfall from a superstorm turned named Hurricane Harvey which swept across the Houston area in Texas, leaving flooding and devastation in its wake. If you hadn’t thought of it before, as a homeowner, you had to wonder if you had adequate insurance against losses such as those facing the inhabitants of those areas. Homeowners insurance in Florida is a must have, but it’s not expected to be of much use for anything other than the contents of the home, and by some estimates, insurance companies will minimize the payouts.

In preparation for the unfortunate events, residents were told to store important information on their computers, on flash drives as back up and in the cloud where possible. People who lost all their family photos, photo albums and important records they cherished a decade ago now have a means of capturing those images, documents and information in real time and accessing it from where ever they can connect to their cloud storage account. News reporters cautioned people to slowly videotape their belongings down to the silverware in the drawer so they could use it to file insurance claims if the need arose. It’s times like this that owners are glad they invested in a good laptop such as those made by Lenovo.

Say what you might about the digital age, there are some great benefits, and one is being able to capture and store images easily when you have a well-built computer, and that’s what Lenovo is known for. Right now, they are priced within reach of the average family when you use a Groupon. You can save over $450 off select models and there are other promo codes and exclusive deals waiting for you to unlock so you can save even more. They have discounts for their ThinkPad’s, they offer student discounts and you can save 44% of clearance items.

It’s an unfortunate reality of life that the insurance projections we hear of hundreds of billions of dollars aren’t going to homeowners. Those projections are estimates of the dollars that will likely go to commercial enterprises. Homeowners are likely to be left holding on to memories of the life they once had. One likely documented somewhere in a cloud.